Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hello? Is this thing on?

Sometimes I find myself wondering if anyone reads this blog. Anyone, that is, besides my buddy Jim who has told me that he reads it. I guess it really doesn't matter that much but, I guess it does bring up the question of why I bother writing it if I'm not even sure that anyone reads it.

There's a lot of reasons that I write this blog. Probably the main reason is that it gives me an opportunity to flex my prose muscles and keeps me writing. Well, it keeps me writing when I actually bother to post here, which has actually been a fairly regular thing lately. I also write this blog as sort of a diary or journal. It's probably a bit too public to actually function as a journal but it is sort of a running dialogue on what goes through my head and is very similar in tone to my actual journal (which is written on PAPER of all things). As the title of the blog states, I also write this blog because I got a lot to say. I don't really know how true that is, after all I'm writing a post about writing a post today, but I guess it's part of it. We all think we have a lot to say until we actually sit down to try and say it.

A few weeks ago, I started posting to this blog again after a few years of ignoring it. Since that time, I have also started to read other blogs as I run across them. Mostly I find them through the "recently updated" links on the main page of or by clicking those "next blog" buttons that appear on many of the blogs hosted by I've read a lot of them and have added a few to my list of favorites and continued to read them on a fairly regular basis but I think I'm fairly invisible to the writers responsible for the work that I am reading. Blogging should give us an opportunity to interact with our readers as well as the writers that we read (that was a very crazy sentence, I know, but I'm going to resist the urge to edit it).

I'm wondering, if there is anyone reading this, who are you? This question is not for you Jim, I KNOW who you are. I'm speaking to the other readers that may or may not be floating around in the ether of the world wide web. How did you find my blog? Do you have a blog of your own that you think I might enjoy checking out?

So, if there is anyone reading this (besides Jim, of course) post a comment and tell me how you found it, what you think of it and if you have a blog of your own. Even though I've had this blog for a few years, I'm still new to this in a lot of ways and I'd really like to know if there's anyone out there.

This may lead to an embarrassing moment if NO ONE posts a comment but, again, if no one's reading it who do I have to be embarrassed in front of? In fact, if there are no comments to this post, I may just start posting my perverse sexual fantasies here. After all, what would be the harm? Who would know about it? Somehow, even if no one's reading, it seems unlikely that I will resort to using the recesses of my sexual psyche for material (sorry Jim).

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Enemy of the Republic said...

I got your link from Indeterminacy. So now I'm reading it!