Friday, October 08, 2004

Another debate, another silly performance by W

I just finished watching the second presidential debate and a bit of the "analysis" and I'm fascinated how George Stephanopolis and George Will (both on ABC) are able to sit there and say with a straight face that both candidates did well and it was draw and the President's performance was MUCH better than last time and blah blah blah blah blah.....

George W Bush's performance in this debate was indeed different that last time but it was mostly just a different kind of bad. Instead of scowling he was leaping up off his chair and shouting his answers. The main thing is that he still refused to discuss in any detail pretty much any of the issues that were raised. Instead, he continued the main (only?) strategy of his entire campaign: if say it over and over it MUST be true.

John Kerry was focused and concise in his answers and a little more aggressive in directly attacking the president (not physically of course). I thought he pretty much ran away with the show much like last week. For some reason, the pundits are choosing to call it a tie this time. Maybe to make sure we all watch the next one?

More on all of this tomorrow....I'm going to sleep...

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