Thursday, October 07, 2004

Scary scary stuff

So, I started reading a book called "Imperial America - Reflections On The United States of Amnesia" by Gore Vidal and I ran across a fairly freaky section on voting and elections. He's mostly speculating but his basic gist is that these new fangled electronic voting machines make it far easier to steal an election! I guess the technology is proprietary so, if there's a question as to the validity of the final tally, only the company that made it is aloud to check it out and they don't have to tell anyone what they find. They could just basically go: "Uh, yeah, this looks right to me." I'm probably not describing it very well but, it's a little freaky in a crazy conspiracy theory kind of way.

At times Vidal's writing is a little over my head but so far the book is really interesting if a little depressing at times. He builds a very strong case to support his theory that our elections are pretty much bought and paid for which is, like I said, pretty damn depressing.

It's a new book and definitely worth checking out.

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Kember said...

your comment on the new book you just read isn't all true but also not all false. You see there is soo much more to elections ect. than the world sees. What most people don't see is that we vote, yes, but we don't choose who our next president is the Government does. It doesn't matter anyway because whoever the president (I'm voting for Kerry) turns out to be is just (like all our past presidents) "a pupet on strings" check out my blog page or just go to and maybe it'll change your views on the US Government and political situations.
-p.s. Your awsome for expressing your views the way you do! Keep it up!