Tuesday, October 05, 2004

John Kerry - Those elusive specifics!

It seems that every Bush supporter I talk to and every conservative pundit I hear are saying the same thing: Where are the specifics on Kerry's plan for Iraq, for homeland security, for health care reform, for education, for the economy etc. So, I decided, as a Kerry supporter, it was my duty to hunt these specifics down, no matter how long it takes.

I figured the best place to start was John Kerry's web site and, it turns out, I didn't need to go any further than that. You want to know Kerry's plan for Iraq? It's right here. Need more info on the Kerry/Edward's plan to keep our country secure in the face of terrorism? Well, it's right here, here, here and here. Education? That would be here, here and here. Health care? Among other places, you could go here.

The point is, Kerry has been VERY clear on his stance on all of the issues and has elaborated on his plans for America in great detail at his web site as well as in his stump speeches. You can even download the 263 page booklet "Our Plan For America" from the John Kerry website.

A favorite tactic of the radical right in recent years has been what I like to call "If you say it enough times, it MUST be true." Whether it's Kerry's supposed flip/flopping (I totally think he should wear flip flops for the next debate) his lack of a plan for our safety or the alleged falseness of his Vietnam war record - the tactic of repeating a criticism, regardless of whether there are facts to support it, until enough Americans think they really are better off with George W.

To be fair, George Bush's web site also includes many details of his plans for America, but we also have his record as president to go by and....after looking at both, I don't see how we could, in good conscience, elect him for another term in office. But don't just go by me, do yourself a favor, check it out for yourself - make an informed decision and whatever you decide, get your ass out and vote on November 2nd!

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